Our Mission

The characteristics we cherish about Hudson did not just happen.  They were thoughtfully planned by a century of idealists with a single vision:  to create an extraordinary community rooted in values, culture, family and exceptional living and learning.  We’re grateful to these thoughtful leaders, as they have truly given us a gift – a treasure that is now ours to protect and to pay forward.

Our mission is to create an organization that supports your vision for generations to come.  How do we do that? By asking people like you, who already give to many causes, to give to those same causes through Hudson Community Foundation, rather than through a third-party financial organization.  By combining the collective resources available at Hudson Community Foundation, we create a public fund that will help support Hudson initiatives in perpetuity.

It’s a simple thing, and yet it means so much for two reasons:  One, because when you give to your charities through Hudson Community Foundation, administrative fees stay right here in Hudson, building on the vision of our forefathers. And two, because every person who does this helps us reach our goal of endowing the organization, so we can support Hudson projects forever.

Empower simple, smart and meaninful philanthropy.

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